9/16/14 – Day 233: The Baked Potato Night

You were sweet this particular day with your baked potato and salad dinner plan.

It was an empty the fridge night, and we were on the last leg. One potato. Two adults. Salad.

And then there were Tostitos and spinach dip from a little football party on Sunday. So we promptly filled up on chips and dip and then pretended like the baked potato and salad over-stuffed us (except for the room we left for Moose Tracks – the gut always has room for Moose Tracks ice cream).

That was our Tuesday. A nice dinner. One more episode of Royal Pains. Then I wrote. And you caught up on The Duggars (those crazy folks!).

Sweet weekday.

Day 176 – You’re Back and We Love Patty Melts

Day 176 – Monday July 21th, 2014

What better way to celebrate your return than with a delicious patty melt and steak fries?

There isn’t a better way than eating comfort food and Netflixing Royal Pains.

Glad you got home safely!

My heart and this patty were melting since you got home. :-)

My heart and this patty were melting since you got home. 🙂

8/8/14 – Day 194: Grilling Out on a Friday Night as Per Usual

I want a new grill

I want a new grill

I need a new grill.

You love it when I grill. I love to grill out for you.

One of my goals for 2015? Earn enough to buy you a new minivan or SUV and then get a grill. I don’t ask for much.

Day 172 – The day our kids started eating real food

Day 172 – Thursday July 17th, 2014

We went to the great City of Roswell, GA’s ‘Alive after Five’ this evening.

As you know, the downtown area has two distinct sections. There’s the southern ‘Roswell Square’ and then there’s ‘Canton Street’ a few blocks north.

Our kids wanted to take the trolley, so we parked near the courthouse and caught the trolley/shuttle to the square where food trucks and a more family friendly atmosphere awaited.

I got this thing called the Pork Cheezy from the Ibiza Bites Food Truck. Unfortunately, it’s not on the menu, but this picture should show the glory.

Yes. It's good.

Yes. It’s good.

Well, usually it’s fun getting that type of food because we get to eat all of it. Our kids just want plan mac and cheese or a hot dog or whatever.

But we let them have a bite. And then they took another. And another. And another. And I was left hungry. But it’s good. I’m glad their palates are expanding to appreciate other food. Of course, how hard is it to like pulled pork over mac and cheese?

Kids gnoshing on food truck food



Day 53 – Chicken Philly Night

Do we enjoy food too much?

Chicken Philly sandwiches are kind of close to my heart. We used to get them at Barnacles with a big Caesar salad for takeout when we lived in the townhouse. Or we’d get wings.

But now, we make these bad boys ourselves just like we like them. And they always come right on time.

Depending on where we are in our lives when you finally read this, I might still be in the ‘taking pictures of the food while I cook as if I’m a food blogger’ phase. Or I might have decided I don’t have enough room on my iphone and nobody really cares anyway.

These days, though, I’m happily in that phase so here’s a picture of our Philly:

032 Chick Philly

Day 9 – Skinnytaste.com and Taste Bud Joy

You actually help us eat our tastiest meals when we’re on Weight Watchers.

You research and find the perfect meal. I execute (well, we both do, but come on… I’m the chef, you’re the baker).

Last night… sauteed chicken with a black bean avocado salsa.

And New Girl. And Scandal. And can I say this? I don’t know if we should watch Scandal. I should probably grow a pair and encourage us to wrap that show up. There are no good examples of love, faithfulness, marriage, general goodness (although Huck is pretty nice despite his whole ‘I love to kill people’ thing). Strange that the most pleasant character is someone who likes to torture and kill bad guys.

But I digress. Keep pulling those recipes from skinnytaste.com. They are always awesome. They are relatively low in points plus points (Weight Watchers). And they’re healthy.

Because this made you laugh…

I’ve  not had a ‘Because this made you laugh’ post in a bit.

But you can’t get enough of this scene from The Mindy Project:

Enjoy… how many of us have felt like the ‘wolf in a children’s story’ after eating in a frenzy during the holidays?