Day 149 – Guys Day at the Lego Movie

Day 149 – Tuesday June 24th, 2014

I took the day off today to hang with our boys.

The agenda:

1. The Lego Movie

2. Mcdonalds for lunch

3. Chattahoochee Nature Center (to walk all trails)

4. Riverside Park’s playground

5. A shower

It was a fun day with the boys, although I did make the mistake of leaving my work email on my phone. I turned off my phone a couple times completely to battle back the temptation, but a few unfortunate message got through.

What I learned during this day?

I don’t want my job to ever overtake my family. It’s not healthy.

I need to spend more direct time with both boys together and alone. We saw folks fishing and doing other things. Perhaps I need to reconnect with some of those hobbies and take the boys out? I need to not only be a dad, but a fun teacher on some of these things.

I appreciate that you encouraged me to find a few days this summer to take off and just spend it with the family. It was a fun day.

Ending the day at the playground

Ending the day at the playground

Snacks for The Lego Movie

Snacks for The Lego Movie


Day 54 – Saving Mr. Banks

We watched this on Day 54 (which happened to be a Friday night).

You fell asleep. I cried near the end.

I loved watching the love between a father and his daughter.

But I was sad when the father was so broken that he couldn’t return his daughter’s love with a longer life.

My heart broke and while I watched, I couldn’t help but wonder what I… not as a banker, but as an insurance man… can do to prevent myself from falling into the wrong mindset. The dad in the movie was, more or less, in a cage. It didn’t have to be a cage, but the bank became that for him. It’d be easy for me to allow this insurance agency to become a cage for me.

I won’t let it happen. Because of you. Because of our girl. Because of our two boys.