9/16/14 – Day 233: The Baked Potato Night

You were sweet this particular day with your baked potato and salad dinner plan.

It was an empty the fridge night, and we were on the last leg. One potato. Two adults. Salad.

And then there were Tostitos and spinach dip from a little football party on Sunday. So we promptly filled up on chips and dip and then pretended like the baked potato and salad over-stuffed us (except for the room we left for Moose Tracks – the gut always has room for Moose Tracks ice cream).

That was our Tuesday. A nice dinner. One more episode of Royal Pains. Then I wrote. And you caught up on The Duggars (those crazy folks!).

Sweet weekday.

Day 90 – Running the Bases

We went to the Roswell Rec Saturday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day and we watched the kids bounce around the playground for a bit before we took our football and soccer ball and play golf sets and little air-thrusted rocket launcher thingie over to the baseball field.

2014-04-26 14.44.24

We have, apparently, the attention spans of mice as we played about 8 1/2 minutes before we decided to run the bases. Let’s just say that if our children are track stars, it’s in spite of their parents, not because of them. I’m glad there were no video cameras running.

That said, you got a little scoot in ya.

Day 90 – Saturday, April 26, 2014