Because You Create Your Own Bootcamps

I love that you and your best buddy come up w/ your own bootcamps and go to the school parking lot to whip yourselves into shape.

You should start a website! Bootcamps for moms who like bootcamps but don’t want to go zany with it.


Because You Do Dance Battle Build

I can never remember if it’s “Body Battle Build’ or ‘Dance Build your Body’ or any other number of things I accidentally call it.

All I know is that your dance movement to normal ratio has increased considerably.

Getting up from the couch and going to the kitchen–dance moves.

Going from the stove to the sink–dance moves

Going from the bed to the restroom–dance moves.

I feel sometimes that when you dance and stare at me, that I should go into 80s Break-Dancing battle mode and respond with some major popping and locking.

For those who might happen upon this and are unfamiliar, here you go:

And for those who might be curious what an insurance man’s dance moves look like, here you go:

Because You Run Like Forrest Gump

You’ve been blazing a trail… on all the trails and treadmills and neighborhood roads and park paths.

It’s been fun watching you fall in love with running again. You even got up at 6:00am to go running with a friend!

I know it makes you feel good. I know it makes you feel productive. I know it makes you feel invigorated and healthy. I know it makes you smile.

Consequently, I love it that you are running again–and more. Keep on trucking, sweetie.

Because You Made Me Work Out

As I’ve mentioned a few times throughout this blog, your days can be long with our three little ones.  Yet yesterday, you made sure that I made my workout although you knew it was going to put me home after all of them were put to bed.

It means a lot to me that (a) you’re concerned about my physical health—see also your ‘portion control encouragement’ and (b) y ou’re concerned about my emotional/mental health—we both know how much better we feel when we sweat some.

You also were acting like a coach. I didn’t want to go back out into the cold, rainy evening, but you put your foot down, told me to change into my workout fashions, and go to the Y.

Thank you. I love you because you want me to be healthy—although maybe it’s just that you want me to be buff?

Because You’re a Machine

I got this text from you a few minutes ago: “4.9 miles on elliptical then 1.5 on treadmill. My legs are begging for mercy. Then triceps and shoulders.”

Exercise is one of the things that cause you to use metaphorical language. I love getting a piece of your brain after you exercise, seeing you all juiced up on post-sweat endorphins.

You’ve been such an encouragement to me to get my own butt in better shape. We’re not getting any younger although you’ve looking way cute and youthful!

Because We’re Gonna Work Out Together

I can’t wait to sweat with you and our fancy new gym membership.

Drop those babies off at the kid area and go treadmill it out. Pump some iron. Move some weights. Yoga our core.

I always love doing active stuff with you, if only our little walks on Saturday mornings. Now we can hit the gym, go to the pool, do some Zoomba and whatnot.

Plus, I’m so happy you have a little respite during the week now where you can have a break, sweat a little, and burn some agitation off if need be.

I love you sweetie–let’s lower our BPs together!

Because You’ve Been Knee Deep In It…

*Note my normal disclaimer–this could be a repeat of theme

Our kids have had tummy bugs for the last several days. You hate germs which is good because germs cause tummy bugs.  You’ve had to assembly line diaper changes and that’s enough.  With twins, I know it’s been a pain.

Thanks for keeping up w/ them and not freaking out too bad (although it’s totally allowed).

On a side note, I just talked to you while you were on a walk. It was sweet. You’re sweet. You were all power-walking and trying to tell me stories.

I love you.