Day 9 – and Taste Bud Joy

You actually help us eat our tastiest meals when we’re on Weight Watchers.

You research and find the perfect meal. I execute (well, we both do, but come on… I’m the chef, you’re the baker).

Last night… sauteed chicken with a black bean avocado salsa.

And New Girl. And Scandal. And can I say this? I don’t know if we should watch Scandal. I should probably grow a pair and encourage us to wrap that show up. There are no good examples of love, faithfulness, marriage, general goodness (although Huck is pretty nice despite his whole ‘I love to kill people’ thing). Strange that the most pleasant character is someone who likes to torture and kill bad guys.

But I digress. Keep pulling those recipes from They are always awesome. They are relatively low in points plus points (Weight Watchers). And they’re healthy.

Egg Sandwiches & Popcorn

We had our daughter’s pre-k open house last night.

You put together the perfect meal: egg and cheese on wheat sandwiches when I got home from work with the promise of popcorn post-open house. You made the idea of listening to our daughter’s teachers and then coming home and watching a couple shows with some popcorn (and maybe a few M&Ms) sound like the most wonderful thing in the world.

And it kinda was.