Love Dare Day 14: Love Takes Delight

I originally wrote this post on 10/27/11, but as you can see it’s now 11/4/11, over a week later. Obviously, I’m not being as hardcore about making it through the 40 day Love Dare journey as I could be, but I’m not going to scratch it all and start over.

Today’s dare is to ‘purposefully neglect an activity that you would normally do so you can spend quality time with your spouse….’

Last night, you and I folded the single largest mountain of laundry that we’ve ever had in our house. We had taco salads, drank a margarita, watched a couple sitcoms, and folded clothes until we could barely see each other.

While ‘Love Taking Delight’ doesn’t sound like ‘Love Folds Clothes’, I had a wonderful time! We just talked and folded and made jokes and goofed off. In a strange way, those are some of my favorite nights. You and I are in the same place working together, not stuck in front of two separate screens on separate ends of the couch.

I could have argued for some computer writing time, but I didn’t. Honestly, you might have beat me up (figuratively) if I did. Still, I could have shimmied out. But I love to be with you like that. It was fun.

Day 15, Love is Honorable: I read this last week and earlier this week. The dare is to choose a way to show honor and respect to your spouse above your normal routine.   The choices given in the book sound like other things done throughout the process. I get lazy in communication: listening, attitude in my speech, etc. I think focusing on respectful, honorable communication is the best way to go here.