4/8/15 – Day 437: My 15 Minute Workout

So for your birthday I bought you ‘www.realfitnessmoms.com’ because I think you have a ton to offer. You’ve been working out consistently for like 2-3 years. It’s impressive.

I asked you to put together a quick hit 15 minute workout for me.

You did. It probably took you all of 10 minutes. It took me a solid 15 minutes and a lot of sweat (and full disclosure, as I write this 2 days later –  my abs, butt, and legs are still hurting pretty bad).

You know your stuff and you should get certified and teach this stuff to real moms who want to get fit.

Plankety plank

Plankety plank

Your Workout Wisdom

Your Workout Wisdom

1/16/2015 – Day 355: I appreciate the encouragement…

We’re still keeping up with our calorie counting discipline as per the New Year. I’m 43 and must be more diligent with the midsection.

You are very good at giving me kudos via text when I show you how awesome I’m eating.

I send a healthy picture. You grant me encouragement

I send a healthy picture. You grant me encouragement

12/30/14 – Day 338: My Favorite Christmas Present

I’m back in the office after being home for Christmas break for a few days.

And I busted out my favorite Christmas present:

2014-12-30 09.52.08

Normally you give me pics of the kids (which I like), but this was unexpected. I’m not sure I love me in that hat (cute maybe, goofy, most definitely), but I love us with our big old smiles enjoying the sun (on the left) and the snow (on the right).

I love it. A couple fun selfies of us – a cute, early forties couple (ha – you’re not quite there yet).

I love you!

11/14/14 – Day 292: Because You Let Me Comfort You

We all have times when we feel overwhelmed but can’t explain exactly why.

Various stressors converge all at once. Our mind wanders into catastrophe-mode where it should or not. We end up wanting to just cry.

Sometimes I feel that way. Sometimes you feel that way.

Last night, you felt that way. But you let me hold you and just be there with you. I don’t mean to make your stress moment about me, but it meant a lot to be able to just lie there with you and be your husband.

I hate it when you feel sad or stressed or overwhelmed, but that’s what I’m there for and I pray you always let me be the person you need me to be in those moments.

10/19/2014 – Day 266: I Did Nothing and You Let Me

We are still knee deep in two bathroom projects. I’ve been working hard at work and on the house.

You gave me Sunday off. You weren’t feeling great (sorry) and let me run the show.

The day before, you said that I needed to do something with the kids the next Saturday. I’ve been pretty much locked up in home projects for a few weekends, so it felt like I’ve not been clued in to family time.

But today (a Sunday), I took our children to church and McDonalds. At home I got to play with them some more.

You were kind enough to not bug me about the bathroom. But I think some days everybody needs a reset. Today was one of those days if there ever were one.

9/30/14 – Day 247: Thank You For Your Encouragement

On this particular day, I had a lot on my mind and you let me talk it out on the phone as I drove to Costco to get us paper goods (isn’t it amazing that you can’t get out of there for less than $80?).

Anyway, there are moments when you show how well you know me. You are a huge source of wisdom for me. I need to be better at asking you to impart it to me. I really lean on you for your well-grounded, calm approach to certain things that drive me crazy.

Thank you. You encouraged me today.

9/28/14: Take a Day and Chill Out!

McD's, but No Playground - In Your Honor. :-)

McD’s, but No Playground – In Your Honor. 🙂

I took the kids to church today. You were sweet enough to let me go out of town the week before, so I worked my hardest to try to give you plenty of time today for you to have some alone time.

I included this picture in sepia tones because it makes McDonalds look nutritious.

When I got home, you had practically deep cleaned the house which was very sweet of you.

It was fun hanging w/ the kids. It alway sis. They’re good people. You’re doing a great job, there momma. 🙂