2/15/15 – Day 385: A recap of Valentine’s Day

We had fun. We saw a play, had some wine at this super cool wine shop.

Les Miserables was wonderful. You were as beautiful and charming and fun as ever. I had such a good time on our evening out.

You have always been and I suspect always will be a good date.. and My Valentine.

1, The Les Mis set 2. My steak 3. Our wine. 4. You and I in front of the Historical Gwinnett Courthouse (where our wedding reception was)

1, The Les Mis set 2. My steak 3. Our wine. 4. You and I in front of the Historical Gwinnett Courthouse (where our wedding reception was)

8/7/14 – Day 193: Stayt Night

The symbol of Stayt Night

The symbol of Stayt Night

If you can have a staycation, you can have a stayt night.

It’s my version of the ‘Stay at home date’.

You’ve been sick and while we had the house to ourselves and the kids were at my parents, we were planning on a date night out.

But since the aforementioned sickness and we were tired, it was pizza and a movie in. We had fancier pizza than Little Caesar’s, gourmet chocolate chip cookies from Fresh Market, and margaritas.

We watched Divergent – or, as I like to call it,  Hunger Games without bows and arrows.

And we had a wonderfully sweet, fun evening.

I love you and I love our date nights – whether they’re out on the town or in on the couch.

Day 109 – Date Night in the ‘Well

We went to Alive after Five in Downtown Roswell (GA) the evening after our 9th Anniversary.

The place was packed, as per usual, with about 10% families, 20% married couples, 20% dating couples, and about 50% 30-60 something drunk single Atlanta suburbanites.

We had fun and had our typical Mexican dinner at Ceviche (with an overly sweet pitcher of margaritas which just might have had no tequila in it).

Date nights with you are always fun, even if it’s only for a couple hours (given the whole respect for the free babysitting services your mom gives us).

But I loved it. I love you. And look forward to more… I really do need to do a more stand up job on the scheduling date night front.

9th Anniversary Date Night

9th Anniversary Date Night

Day 52 – Life is relentless like a firehose

Maybe it’s a first world problem, but you know, I don’t care.

We have plenty to eat and a mostly safe place to sleep and access to health care. So yes, we do have it good.

But then there is this other thing. The thing where we do have plenty to eat and a place to stay, but the constant demands that those things require of us can become overwhelming. It’s our fault mostly, but still it is what it is.

And then there’s scheduling and work commitments and  comparison traps and school forms to be signed and so forth and so on.

Life comes at us from every direction and quite frankly, I just want to sit and let it pummel me sometimes.

I love you and in a way kind of miss you. I texted you that we need to have a date, but I’m not sure how to pull it off in the next couple days. We need it though. We need to shut the firehose of stuff for just a few moments, maybe a couple hours and go get a sandwich and take a walk.

You and I need to connect. We really need this.

Day 19 – Date Night at the Cuban Restaurant

$30 for 5 hours of babysitting three children was the perfect opportunity for us to have a day after Valentine’s Day date night.

I love that you are half-Cuban and that you’ve introduced me to the joy of Cuban cuisine.

Saturday, 2/15/14, we went to Lazaro’s Cuban Cuisine for a delicious meal and bottle of wine (BTW, as a thank you to the restaurant, I’ll also mention the prices were very reasonable and the service was wonderful).

Then we headed down to Roswell Provisions for a cupcake. We talked about how fun it would be to live near the town and just be able to walk down to one of these little joints to grab a bite or just enjoy small downtown life.

You are a fun date. Always have been. I look forward to many, many more and hope we keep up our current once a month rhythm until we can break into a once a week rhythm.

Day 6 – History’s Worst Super Bowl

We went over to our friends’ house to enjoy a ton of food and the Super Bowl.

We enjoyed the food, but not the Super Bowl. We had a blast with our friends and our kids played for hours.

I love that you get mad when a game is bad. I love that you appreciate football.

I also loved that we decided to turn it off at halftime and watch Downton Abbey. The game was so sad, that Downton seemed like a comedy in comparison.

We kind of had like two date nights this past weekend. How awesome is that?

Day 5 – Date Night: Spice and American Hustle

This, technically, was your birthday date.

We went to Spice and for a quick tapas dinner before going to see American Hustle. We’d wanted to see it, but it’s true that we never seem to have the best options available when we’re able to get out to see a movie.

You were so cute. It’s amazing how much catching up we can do in just a couple hours out by ourselves. So strange that it’s just different being out vs. being in the house. I don’t know if it’s because we’re surrounded by reminders of home improvement projects and are always on edge with the possibility that a child might pop into the room at any moment.

Regardless of the ‘why’, I just want to say that you’re a good date. Always have been. I need to date you more. 🙂

Because Tonight is Love Dare Day 18 Night

That sounds way more creepy than it is. It’s just the day I’m finally going to act on day 18 in Love Dare

Love Dare Day 18

It’s simply a night where I will pull out the fine china, grill a steak, cook some rice, and toss a salad.

We’ll eat at the dining room table together while the children slumber or otherwise occupy themselves in their rooms.

My hope is that we will have a fun time connecting.

Since it seems like we spend an awful lot of time talking about our parents’ health problems or our children, I’m printing out this handout from North Point’s MarriedLIfe .  Maybe it’ll be a fun thing to do (at least the conversation part).

Perhaps it’ll lead to a deeper understanding of each other. If not, a fun in house date night is always a fun thing.

Because It’s Date Night

We’re going to see Matthew Perryman Jones tonight in Duluth.

He was gracious enough to play his song Lead Me to the Waters at our wedding a few days over 8 years ago.

It was nearly impossible to find this song online. It’s not really in his current rotation, I don’t believe. Still, I dropped a hint on his Facebook page in hopes he’ll decide to play it. Heck, we’re bringing 2 other couples who haven’t heard him before. That should count for something, right?

Plus… it’s a beautiful song. If the ‘You’ reading this isn’t my wife, then you should click on the link above. It’s a sweet song.


Happy Belated Birthday

We celebrated your birthday last weekend. It was 1/26, and I’ve been pretty inconsistent here lately. I’ve also been not getting out of work until later everyday. Time has been tough to sneak posts in.

But since this is a birthday post, it should be about you and not about me and my whiny-ness.

Happy Birthday a few days late! I had a blast with you eating tacos and seeing Argo. Any chance we get to get out and have an actual babysitter that isn’t one of the grandparents is a high-falutin night.

I’m just thankful to have a fun hang with you. Relaxed. No threat of kids popping in. No guilt on grands because the high school junior is getting paid (well, I might add).

I love you and hope your 38th (or is it 29th?) year is wonderful!