Because You Made Donuts

I took Sam to breakfast for a little daddy-son date.

You stayed home and made homemade donuts with the other two.

Pumpkin spice donuts – baked in a pan. Very delicious and mostly healthy!

I love that you did that and the kids loved it and I liked ’em, too.

You are awesome.


Because You Create Menus…

In the last couple weeks, you’ve implemented the menu on the kitchen blackboard system.

It’s saving us money while making me excited about upcoming meals.

Nice touch, sweetie!

Because You Rock The Crockpot

I have some meatballs in a crockpot waiting for me back at the house.

You’ve been upping the game in the culinary department, and the prospect of spaghetti and meatballs tonight is making me extremely happy.

Some of your other recent creations:

  1. Pumpkin spice cookies
  2. Chocolate chip blondies
  3. Chicken pot pie
  4. King Arthur Flour biscuits (you’re always finding tasty recipes)
  5. Chicken quesadillas
  6. Spinach quiche

Thanks for taking good care of my belly!

Because You Feed Me

You feed me in a lot of ways, but a couple very important times recently:

  • I came in from the gym and you were standing waiting with a chip with spinach dip on it.
  • The same day, you used our apples from our picking adventure to make: Apple Turnovers
  • And Apple Crisp
  • You also had a delicious black bean, rice, mushroom, cheese quesadilla.
  • We also had chocolate chip blondies in the fridge.

It’s not all junk food, but it’s so sweet when you cook up some delicious snacks! Especially when the kids help.


Because She Likes Tequila

You might think I have less than wholesome reasons for appreciating her appreciation of this primary component of margaritas and Cancun Spring Breaks.

Nope. I just love that we have Mexican night at least once a week and she likes her margaritas. I’m glad she wasn’t a crazy chick in college who had the ‘bad tequila experience’ thereby prevent Jose Cuervo from visiting us on weekends. On a Saturday evening, when everyone’s in bed and we’re resting for once, it’s fun to share that drink with her.

This definitely is not the most important reason I love my wife, but it’s kind of fun to be able to drink with her sometimes, too.

Because She Makes Tasty Apple Bread

Not much beats coming home to little kids yelling for ‘Daddy’.  But combine it with coming home to the smell of fresh baked bread, and you got an even better welcome.

My wife is the baker. I’m the cook. And I love it when she finds  a new recipe and works it. It’s fall and apples are abundantly available. We stopped at an apple barny type place and picked up a bushel of cooking apples (that are just as delish eaten by themselves). Tina decided to hook us up with some apple bread. It is the bomb. I hate using that phrase, but I don’t care. It’s totally the bomb.

She makes great cakes and great breads and cupcakes and brownies and cookies. She fills my body and life with sweetness. She’s cool like that. I love her for herself, but her apple bread don’t hurt none, you know?

Because She’s Half-Cuban

*Note: I’m correcting my earlier correction: Sometimes ‘you’ makes sense because some of these items are things I really want to say directly to her. Others fit into the category of having coffee or a beer with a friend and saying, ‘You know, what I love about my wife is…. Let me tell you how she….” So, I’ll mix it up.

If you saw her, you’d never know it. She inherited her dad’s scots-irish/british/german generally caucasion skin tones and hair (natural blond).  Her mom’s side is Cuban with a great, rich history from that country. I need to write some of that down.

But since she’s half-Cuban, we get to eat black beans and rice and picadillo all the time. Black beans and rice make a perfect meatless monday.  Without her, I never would have realized the glory of various takes on the dish (cook the beans w/ diced and sauteed onions, garlic, green peppers, cilantro, and  jalapenos or serranos). A cold margarita and it’s on.

Picadillo: I never would have tossed ground beef, sliced green olives, and raisins in a dish and thought it would turn out good. It’s freaking delicious (with the right spice combos, of course). Sometimes Tina will make some dough and make empanadas out of it. Again, a cold margarita and it’s on.

Cuban sandwiches: There is a way to do these right. I never would have known without her guidance. See also beverage from earlier paragraphs.

By the way, I’m not sure if it’s the Cuban or the Irish, but I love she has a little fire in her, too. Even if it’s directed at my sorry butt.