Day 52 – Life is relentless like a firehose

Maybe it’s a first world problem, but you know, I don’t care.

We have plenty to eat and a mostly safe place to sleep and access to health care. So yes, we do have it good.

But then there is this other thing. The thing where we do have plenty to eat and a place to stay, but the constant demands that those things require of us can become overwhelming. It’s our fault mostly, but still it is what it is.

And then there’s scheduling and work commitments and ┬ácomparison traps and school forms to be signed and so forth and so on.

Life comes at us from every direction and quite frankly, I just want to sit and let it pummel me sometimes.

I love you and in a way kind of miss you. I texted you that we need to have a date, but I’m not sure how to pull it off in the next couple days. We need it though. We need to shut the firehose of stuff for just a few moments, maybe a couple hours and go get a sandwich and take a walk.

You and I need to connect. We really need this.