12/17/2014 – Day 325: Jingles Was Puzzled

This guy causes a lot of problems. 🙂
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12/4/14: Day 312 – The Elf Loves some Jazz Piano – and Candy Canes

(Author’s Note: I’m behind. I admit it. But I don’t want to publish Christmas posts in March, so I’m going to catch up by writing current posts while I fill in the gaps of old – I’ve taken notes and pictures and have some drafts, but I’ve not posted all things because, well, life.)

So we adopted an elf this year, and as you know, the elf (lovingly named Jingles by our daughter who, in your words ’embodies the spirit and wonder of Christmas’) kind of freaks me out on a number of levels.

Jingles seems to be very kind and sweet and undestructive. Let’s hope he stays that way!

jingles the elf on the shelf loves snoopy

Jingles Loves Snoopy’s Piano Stylings


The Elf Conversation

You and I are stressing way too much about whether to drop $30 on the Elf on the Shelf.

We both think it’s kind of dumb, although it looks fun. We can’t stand the idea of an elf reporting to Santa whether or not the children have been naughty or nice.

We’ve considered doing this: allowing the elf to do some of the fun hide-n-seek things like make snow angels in sugar and instead of the whole ‘spying’ idea, we’d do a ‘giving’ elf, i.e. have little suggestions on ideas for the kids to give to others or do nice things to others.

Of course, we, as parents, could teach the children to give to others and do for others. So much stress! 🙂

Here’s a snap of our conversation:


Well, we just need to take a deep breath and trust that no elf this year does not equal a scarred childhood.

Because You Put Santa to Shame

You already finished our Christmas shopping!

How wonderful it is for me to have someone who runs a household like  a well-oiled machine. Last night, you walked me through all the presents you got for the kids.

It’s great to know that where I am weak, you are very, very strong (as far as talents, personality style, gifts, etc.).

So thankful we’re done – that you made us done – with our Christmas purchases. I look forward to enjoying the rest of the season in a bit more relaxed way!

Because Our Cows are Cute

Our boys were cows and our daughter was a ‘townsperson’ in yesterday’s Christmas pageant at the Methodist church.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the only picture we got was with the boys and me, I’d post it here.

Suffice it to say that there was an inordinate amount of cuteness involved. It was ridiculous.

And it was awesome.