Because You Got My Back

While there are times when I know that I’ve upset you for some reason, I very, very, very seldom feel as if you are disappointed in me.

As I work on our budget right now and struggle with having more month at the end of our money, I can’t help but feel bad. You deserve to be taken care of much better than this. Granted, we are in this together and both make our decisions, but still.  Whether it’s by more consistently keeping track of our budget or whether it’s by my bringing in more, I want you to feel secure financially.

You never make me feel like a putz. I appreciate you for that. You know I work. You could easily complain or fuss or give me a hard time.  Perhaps I watch too much TV to think that anybody does that to their spouse, but nonetheless, I feel like you’re always in my corner.

Because You’re Being Very, Very Understanding…

I’ve been freaking manic at and about work lately. I’ve been working my fanny off to produce more and more.  It’s almost gotten to the point of obsession. I know as exciting as my industry is (wink wink), I’m not sure how much you love to hear a 35 minute monologue every night.

But you’re being extremely sweet and understanding and kind. I appreciate it a lot and I think you understand why I’m on this kick.  My goal: provide for our family, allow our kids to do little things like swimming lessons, soccer, a little music class here or there, hire a babysitter, go on a date, etc.

Sure, retirement, but mostly, right now, I want to give us some breathing room. I know all I can do is my best and trust God with the rest, but while I’m a little wrapped around the axle, thanks for being in my corner.

You’re a precious gift. And it’s almost Mother’s Day! And you’re an awesome mom!

Because We Talked a Lot Last Night

Sometimes this shouldn’t be under ‘why I love you’, but ‘why I particularly appreciate you today’. I guess it’s close enough.  But I don’t want my love to seem conditional. Does that make sense?

Anyway, last night we had sweet conversation about difficult stuff: my job, my stress on my job, our finances, our schedules, our clutter, how I never take you on a vacation. 🙂

It was one of those evenings where we were able to pull out of our routine of chores and TV and just chat. Lying on the bed, with our daughter sleeping next to us (before we moved her to her bed). We just had a great little conversation. And as silly as that sounds, I’m betting a straw poll of a bunch of couples might reveal very, very little real conversation on a day to day basis.

I love talking to you, sweetpea.

Because we don’t need no stinking presents…

I could have said ‘because you are the only present I want under my Christmas tree’, but decided to go in a different direction.

I normally think the ‘let’s not get each other presents’ idea is a total trap. And I’ve gotten you stuff each year we’ve had that idea to avoid the trap. This year, I decided I’d go with it.  As much as I’d love to give you all kinds of jewels and electronics (that I could then borrow), I never want to do that in a way that stresses our family financially. Now, it would.

I so appreciate that you are not selfish. That you don’t demand a certain level of lifestyle that we’re not currently able to support. I’m so thankful that you are humble and appreciative of the things we have, and you never make me feel like a bum because we can’t do certain things right now.

The other benefit is that we’ve just enjoyed the holiday so much. It’s been a fun season despite not having tons of presents for each other (or any). You truly are my Christmas present–it’s been a tough year, but we’re getting stronger and that’s enough to bring some Yule Tide joy into my heart. I don’t need no dang Ipad (maybe next year?).

Because She Does Them Consignment Sales…

I love Tina because since we’ve had our daugher and little boys, she has participated in every consignment sale her ‘mothers of multiples’ group has put on. This is hard work. If you’ve done a consignment sale, you know that it is hard-ass work! If you’re a husband of a woman who has done a consignment sale, you just say ‘yes’. Period.

Anyway, it’s a lot of work and she does it meticulously and consistently and it normally pulls in a few hundred dollars that we can plunge back into toddler gear. It’d be easy to just toss all the stuff in bags and send to Goodwill (and that’s not a bad thing), but she takes the time at a time when our family can use any little bit of extra cash available to help.

So, here’s to you, My Lady, thanks for hooking us up w/ some cash! And for all your hard, hard work!

Because She’s A Clip-Master

By ‘Clip-Master’, I simply mean she knows how to clip coupons and save.

Today, she spent $51, but saved $42. That is pretty huge in the long run. That’s two months worth of trash pick up. That’s a gas tank full of gas. That’s a bottle of silver tequila. It all adds up.

She does it all the time. I love her for it. But I’m not going to drone on today because it’s Friday and it’s almost 5pm and she probably wants me home so she can have a break. She deserves it.

Because She Can Rock a Dollar Menu

My wife can feed a small village with like $8.53 and a fast food restaurant dollar menu.

She’ll have like a pile of roast beef sandwiches and fries and walk away from the drive-thru window with more money than she came in with. Probably sells the toys and pockets $.75.

That’s a skill. I love her for that because I usually spend $6.00 by myself because I can be kind of an undisciplined lard-ass.

Because she frets about a $20 purchase…

I’ve heard some horror stories about women who put their families in the poor house through devil-may-care spending habits (I know dudes do this to their families, too). There are no boundaries, no consideration of, say, whether there’s plenty of money or not.

To a fault, my wife will check with me regarding purchases. She won’t buy $1 stickers if we really don’t need them (whereas I’ll do most anything to shut some toddlers up–I can be a immediate gratification type parent sometimes). She just called to make sure that it’s okay to get the DVD/Blu-Ray combo packs of Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2. I said yes because I love spending me some money. 

Please don’t misread this as if I’m saying she’s just cheap. Sometimes it seems so. Let’s just say, she never knew what debt was until she started dating me. She never had a credit card balance or a car payment. She saved to put a huge downpayment on her first townhouse (I’d only rented). She stayed at the same job from ages 18-33, the first 10 years of which, they put her through school so no student loans.

Hell, as I write this, I feel kind of guilty. I’ve brought the poor woman down with my ‘gotta have this’ and ‘gotta have that’ attitude. Good thing for our kids, she’ll soon be in charge of our budget, books, and bills. It should be me checking in with her!