1/21/15 – Day 360: You Are Beautiful

I might have touched on this one before.

But today, I’d like to discuss a bit in detail some of the obvious and subtle ways that your beauty shines through.  We’re going to stick to the physical today. It’s part of the 10 Days of Tina for your 40th birthday.

Your freckles.

Your smile

Your laugh – it makes you light up.

Those legs.

Your style.

There are other things, but some of these things are best left between you and me. I gave you a card. You can read about ’em there.

I love you. You’re beautiful. You’re cute. You’re sexy. You’re incredible.


Day 84 – That Blue Dress

I know it’s Easter, and I should say something spiritual.

But you looked beautiful in the blue dress you wore.

It  took my breath away and caused a smile to erupt on my face.

Maybe loving my wife’s beauty is spiritual enough.

Because of that Skirt and Top

I won’t post a picture of you from our daughter’s graduation today, but I will say you were adorable yourself. She was cute, but you were every bit the hot soccer mom.

Just thought you might like to know… it is that new blue tank w/ that white skirt that you said you ‘were just now able to get back into’.

You’re a beautiful woman.

Happy Anniversary Baby!

6 years ago today, I conned you into becoming my wife.

Sometimes, you feel blessed. Sometimes, you probably do feel conned.

I just want you to know that I’m so thankful that God gave me you (remember that kid’s book?).  You’ve been merciful and gracious. You’ve put up with my stuff and you’ve dealt with my inconsistencies.

You’ve also loved me for me. And that’s all a man can ask. That’s all anybody can ask.

You, though, have been a true, sweet companion. And by true, I mean consistent, committed, strong, and single focused on our kids and me. I mean ‘true’ in the sense that a bow shoots an arrow ‘true’ or straight and consistent.  You’ve been sweet and kind. You’ve been a joy and a source of laughter. I love your slapstick dances and your laughing fits. I love the way you look at things and the way you sometimes trip over your words.  You’re beautiful and sexy and I just love being with you.

My hope for us is to grow every day (or at least every week–it gets tiring to grow every day.  We’ll get better and better at loving each other and ourselves and our kids. We best also get better at loving God (maybe receiving that love even more importantly).

I’d love to send you this link, but I don’t feel free to give you this yet. 🙂

I love you!


Because You Bring Peace…

I do believe this is a repeat, but the peacefulness in our house has been tangible this week. Yes, we have little toddlers and a preschooler who go crazy on occasion and who cry and who are difficult to understand at times.

That said, you do a wonderful job at maintaining the place, at making it feel warm, inviting to me when I get home and safe for our kids. Even if we can’t always keep up with intense cleaning and laundry and we get worn out, you do a superior job at keeping clutter at bay (sorry when I’m one of the worst clutter culprits).

You actually are having a rough day as I type this. You’re not feeling great about yourself and you feel a little ‘less than’.  I wish you knew how much I appreciate you (and I know–I’ve been an ass a time or two). You are truly, truly one of the three solid things in my life: God, you, our kids.  You are beautiful and sweet and funny and have so much to offer….. I think I’ll write another post and schedule it for tomorrow (the day that is causing you stress when you think of it).

In the meantime, know that I feel like we have a house that is a sanctuary. Thanks for that.

Because You Looked Sweet…

This morning in the bed with our daughter. The boys were downstairs being crazy 2 yr old boys. I was getting ready for work. When it was time for me to head out, I came into our room and there you two were. Sweetly sleeping. Soft sound of the fan. Soft breathing. You’re on my side, she was on your side. You stir, you get up, you silently get out of the room pulling me with you so we don’t wake her up.

I would have loved to have left you guys alone in there. It was like the boys were downstairs keeping the ladies safe. Although in reality I was ironing a shirt, checking Google Analytics on my other blog, emptying the dishwasher, eating cereal, and changing diapers. The boys… they were throwing their stuffed animals around and doing puzzles.

I love those sweet moments where I feel like a protective husband and dad. And where you look so at peace.

Because You Are Perfect the Way You Are…

And by ‘perfect’ I don’t mean that you’re a perfect person. God knows nobody’s perfect.

By ‘perfect’ I mean that you have been given and have in you everything you need to do the stuff and be the person you want to be. I get a little sad when you go through these moments of complete upset about yourself. I never know what to say to you to convince you that despite the imperfections you see about your appearance or about your skills as a mom or about whatever else it is that you obsess over at times (by the way–we ALL obsess over some things sometimes), that you are perfect for the job you’ve been given, namely wife, mom, sister, friend.

We all have things we can work on, but as we get better, we can appreciate where we are. If we want to lose weight, we can be content with our lives but work hard to drop some lbs. If I want to get better at being a sales weasel, I can enjoy my job while I work the kinks out.

I see you, sweetie, as the woman for me. Regardless of anything you think about what I think or every have thought in my life, I can’t imagine life without you. You are perfect for me. You are perfect for our kids. Might we make some mistakes along the way? Yes. Will we get better? Hells yeah.

I love you!

Because You Look Really Good in that Falcons T-Shirt

I hope I’m not speaking out of turn, but you had one of those rough weekends. The kind where your self-talk includes ‘I’m too fat’ self-talk’, and that’s about it.  You’re not, by the way. You look way cute, all of the time.

When in particular, you might ask?

Well, this weekend in particular.  You had that cool combo of the baby-dollish (I hope I’m correct in what I’m calling that) Falcons t-shirt (the weathered one) with your long-sleeve white t-shirt underneath. For some reason, I love it when you wear that. And your tush was easy on my eyes in those jeans.

I think I know why I like that particular outfit, but we can discuss that later. Let’s just say you look like what you are: a cute, young mom who I’m blessed to have as my wife. Actually, why I like it is because you look like a hot young mom.  So, thank you. 🙂


Because She Is Beautiful

As much as I grow to appreciate more and more the character of my wife and the way she handles situations and the fact that she endures a lot as a Stay At Home Mom, I’d be remiss if I didn’t highlight the fact that I just think she’s beautiful.

When we first met, I was struck by her sweet, soft beauty. She embodies the best of ‘pretty.’ Low make-up, light freckles, nice skin, bright smile. Cute figure, to be sure, and killer legs. She’s not your runway beauty, but the girl-next-door that you love to hang out with after the other kids go home from playing hide-n-seek.  Often just a little unsure of herself, she has never carried herself with any aloofness or cockiness.

She has a beauty that makes you feel at home. I feel at home with her and love being close to her.