3.31.15 – Day 429: You’re talented

Did you know that?

You have skills that you might not realize you have. Things you take for granted because they are your skills and you assume all other people have them.

Here are ten talents or positive character traits that you possess that aren’t nearly as common as you think they are. You might not think they are a big deal, but they paint a picture of a very wonderful person:

  1. You’re punctual: This means  you’re responsible and you’re respectful of people’s time.
  2. You’re disciplined: You’ve been working out for 3-5 days a week for at least a year now. No matter how you feel about your eating habits (which aren’t as bad as you think), you are an extremely disciplined person.
  3. You’re hilarious: If I could videotape your dance moves – when you’re trying to be funny – you’d understand.
  4. You’re sweet: You are sweet, gentle, and loving with your children.  In cuddle moments, I’m typically second string to you.
  5. You’re principled: You stand for things. You are positively stubborn when you need to be.
  6. You’re pretty: Beautiful, sure. Cute, yes. But there’s something about ‘pretty’ that describes you. Some might not take that as a compliment, but I see it as a natural inner attractiveness that makes its way from the inside out.
  7. You’re good with numbers: I hate numbers. I suck at them.
  8. You’re committed: I always think of how you pushed your way through college without incurring debt while saving up to buy your own home. Amazing.
  9. You’re smart: You see things differently than I do. I value your insight – and you have very good insight (you don’t give yourself enough credit here).
  10. You’re faithful: I know I can count on you. When you say you’re going to do something, you do it.

There you have it. Feel free to let me know which ones I missed. :-)

3.29.15 – Day 427: Chess games and sleepovers

Smart boys.

Social girls.

Of course, they are all sociable and they’re all smart, but given the choice, our boys would be doing math and tinkering with a science experiment while Maggie would be making a new friend on the playground.

I love how unique and awesome these kids are – these children that I’m blessed to have with you.

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2/15/15 – Day 385: A recap of Valentine’s Day

We had fun. We saw a play, had some wine at this super cool wine shop.

Les Miserables was wonderful. You were as beautiful and charming and fun as ever. I had such a good time on our evening out.

You have always been and I suspect always will be a good date.. and My Valentine.

1, The Les Mis set 2. My steak 3. Our wine. 4. You and I in front of the Historical Gwinnett Courthouse (where our wedding reception was)

1, The Les Mis set 2. My steak 3. Our wine. 4. You and I in front of the Historical Gwinnett Courthouse (where our wedding reception was)

2/14/15 – Day 384: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetie!

I’ll share a little from our V Day date post-V-day.

For today, I wanted to suggest that our love is the perfect combo of The Middle’s Valentine’s Day special this year.

No fuss and comfy like the parents:

A little awkward like Brick’s:


And just fun and cute and sometimes off-the-wall like Axl:


You are an awesome Valentine, all the way around.