8/25/14 – Day 211: First Crush

For the first time, it appears that one of our children has a crush.

It’s way too early for such a thing, but it is awfully cute.

In an effort to protect the innocent, I won’t use names. But here are the clues:

  1. He came downstairs after bedtime one day last week and asked you to say his crush’s name. He corrected you – you missed it barely- and then he bounded back upstairs, grin firmly planted on his face.
  2. He asked today if it was okay to love a friend.
  3. He started asking us to help him brush his hair.
  4. He mentioned that she gave him three stickers at school today, and she only gave him stickers (nobody else).
  5. He suggested getting her some kind of a treat to say thank you.
  6. They played tag at recess.
  7. He’s being very sweet and complimentary and affectionate and all ‘I love you’ with us and his siblings – like he’s come in contact with new feelings of affection for the world that he must have an outlet for at any given moment.

In a court of law, I do believe that he would be convicted of crushing. Don’t you?

Now, to make sure he doesn’t get hurt. 🙂 #HelicopterParents

8/24/14 – Day 210: I got nothing

It’s probably not a secret that I’m mining old files – pictures, emails, texts – to catch up on my project. I made the mistake of forcing myself to it THE day that the post was supposed to go out. I’ve done pretty well.

But then… fall hit.

I had one picture from 8/24/14, but I’m pretty sure that it’s not something that you’d like out there.

We went to church. I’m pretty sure about that.

I’m sure, during that day, we had some good food and a few laughs. We always at least get those two items in every day.

8/17/14 – Day 203: The Random Broccoli and Cheese Soup Request

You called to ask for Broccoli and Cheese Soup when it was near 100 degrees outside.

I almost stopped at the drug store to buy a pregnancy test.

Such are cravings. 🙂

Day 168 – When I realized I need to go on a diet via autocorrect

Day 168 – Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Today, you complained about your knee (you were actually talking about your ankle).

And I meant to ask if it was because of the two burpees you did to show me what a burpee is.

My phone ‘corrected’ burpee to ‘burgers.’ Apparently, my iphone figured shaming me is the best way to help me be more aware of my food choices.

168 Day


Day 166 – “I almost fell oh gin”

Day 166 – Friday July 11th, 2014

Nope… I didn’t go old school with my cocktails last night.

Apparently, one of our sons climbed in the bed.

Don’t remember? Here’s proof via our awkward text conversation:

Day 166

7/28/14 – Day 183: I’ll keep this one to myself

We had a hilarious exchange via text.

I’ll never remember what it was, but I just wanted to mention it.

And since you’re more of a private person than I am, I won’t ever leave 2 hints here about what it might be. Don’t want to string you along.

Day 165 – The Best Picture in the World

Day 165 – Thursday July 10

Our boys were reading and our friend’s son decided to yell for no good reason.

It’s adorable, though.

Don’t you think?

P.S. Our not-even-in-kindergarten boys are reading Magic Tree House books. #obnoxiousprouddad

Quit Reading Punk!!!!!

Quit Reading Punk!!!!!