1/22/15 – Day 361: You’re One of the Most Thoughtful People I Know

One of my clients and his wife had twin girls in the last couple weeks.

The babies came at about 28 weeks, so they were premature, tiny, in the hospital, and facing a slight uphill battle.

I’m not saying this to pat me on the back. I’m saying it to pat you on the back.

My first thought was to get them dinner one night.

I would never have thought that were it not for you. At least, I don’t think I would have.

You have been an inspiring source of thoughtfulness to me. You remember birthdays and anniversaries. You consider opportunities to serve and give.

You are one of those awesome people who don’t love the spotlight but who can be depended on – to deliver what you say you’ll deliver, to be on time, and to keep your word.

Thank you for being an example to me and our children.


We’re on day 6 of #10DaysofTina for your 40th birthday. You said no party, so no party you get. But you do get a daily dose of ‘You’re awesome!’.


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