12.16.14 – Day 323: Set Apart, Not Set Aside

I just read this post from Lysa Terkeurst’s blog today.

I thought of you.

One of my biggest prayers for you is that you’ll not only feel loved, but that you’ll feel empowered.

You are a gifted, set apart, full of talent woman who has the power to do incredible things.

You don’t always believe that. There are times when you allow other people and what they’ve done or how they treat you determine your worth. Sadly, sometimes you even allow me to determine how you feel about yourself (sometimes this is good, sometimes not so much).

One of the biggest things you struggle with? You feel on the sidelines, set aside.

May I be so bold as to say this: You are only set aside if you feel like you’re set aside. To use a sports metaphor in an awkward way, you can sulk on the sideline or you can start filling water cups or cheer for those who you feel put you on the sideline in the first place.

If you steward the sideline well, then I think you’ll start to see more clearly just how set apart for awesome things you are (I need to listen to my own preaching here).

Just know that I love you and have tremendous amounts of confidence in you.

You are set apart... no matter how much you feel set aside at times.

You are set apart… no matter how much you feel set aside at times.


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