10/22-23/14 – Days 269 and 270: Sometimes Hugs Mean a Ton

Tuesday & Wednesday, October 22-23, 2014

We had a good weekend, but it had it’s tough points.

On Monday, we shared a hug which I ruined by singing Faithfully by Journey – you know like when a moment is serious and I act like a nervous 7th grader? It wasn’t a moment for levity, I guess. I didn’t upset you, but I think what we needed was just a quiet hug.

On Tuesday, we had such a hug. Quiet. Close. Simple.

We needed it. It meant a lot. We’re going through a stressful time right now that both of us want to deal with but we’re at a loss at the moment with just how to do so.

But we are a team. We just need to continue to grow as one.



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