9/12/14 – Day 229: The Boys’ Birthday Day!

We were equally surprised that the boys wanted more of a to-do for their birthday. They’ve been a little shy and haven’t loved being the center of attention, so we didn’t plan a huge get-together.  Plus it was early in the year, their first year of school, so friendships haven’t been solidified yet.

Family evening time and then a Saturday at the arcade.

But we misjudged it a bit. The boys really wanted to come home to the cousins and friends and the grands all in one place.

You made a cool pac-man cake, though. Simple and neat.


Mostly, though, on their birthdays, I think of you and your warrior-like work of keeping those boys through 37 weeks inside the womb. They tried a few times to come way, way too early, but you submitted to the bedrest and you took it easy and they came as healthy as we could expect.

We were so blessed. Good job mom!



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