9/7/14 – Day 224: I Might Repeat Myself

I don’t want to always just drop in a slice of life into these posts.

The purpose wasn’t to give you a running commentary on the year and a few days between when I started this and when I hope to give it to you (5/14/15 – but please don’t be mad if I miss that date due to editing and such).

While I could count the stars and come up with a new way to talk about your awesomeness, I might… might come back to the things that really drive deep how important you are to me and the kids.

Your humor

Your beauty

Your kindness

Your sense of duty and commitment

Your self-discipline

Your love for our kids

Your legs

Your smile and your laugh.

Among other things.

I tend to think we don’t love people because of the quantity of good stuff they bring into our world, bu the depth of a few good things that they bring into our world.

I love you.


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