Day 167 – Sleepover at the Grands… so you can tag

Day 167 – Saturday July 12th, 2014

You are in full on consignment mode, so we went to my parents to spend the night and give you a free evening to tag and shore up all the things you’re selling at consignment.

I hope it was helpful.

Two things from our side:

1. Maggie really liked having the big upstairs bedroom to herself full with the big mirror.

2. The boys are cute.



Day 166 – “I almost fell oh gin”

Day 166 – Friday July 11th, 2014

Nope… I didn’t go old school with my cocktails last night.

Apparently, one of our sons climbed in the bed.

Don’t remember? Here’s proof via our awkward text conversation:

Day 166

7/29/14 – Day 184: Your diligence

You amaze me with your diligence. ย When you are into a project or have a goal, you are all in.

I appreciate your example here and love that I can trust you with something.

I’m much more flighty than you are. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m ADD. You are not. You make up for my lack in this area and it’s one of the little things that I love about you.

(you happen to be in consignment mode right now, so this trait of yours is very obvious).

7/28/14 – Day 183: I’ll keep this one to myself

We had a hilarious exchange via text.

I’ll never remember what it was, but I just wanted to mention it.

And since you’re more of a private person than I am, I won’t ever leave 2 hints here about what it might be. Don’t want to string you along.

7/26/14 – Day 181: Wrastling the Bathroom…

I’m not done with the project. And honestly, I’m way too over my head. I’m trying SO hard to tackle it and not be scared that my tile job for the bathroom surround won’t cause water damage that will destroy our house.

I’m really sorry that this isn’t done. You deserve better out of a husband/handyman!


@bathroom 7.26.14 2 @Bathroom 7.26

7/25/14 Day 180 – Staycation Day 3: The Pool


On the Friday of our little staycation, we went to the pool. We snuck into that apartment pool somehow or another.

And we chilled with our friends. That’s my foot. It’s a good looking foot.


I believe that’s your foot way up to the left of the picture. Nice toes, yo!



2014-07-25 14.19.48