Day 170 – When heaven opened and poured out cheesecake

Day 170 – Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

One of our vendors takes us to the Cheesecake Factory every once in a while. Today, it happened.

A quick note – I hate how the Big Bang Theory makes the Cheesecake Factory look like it employs people from the Germany area of Epcot Center. I’ve never seen the waitstaff dress like Penny does in that show.

Anyway, as an excuse, I think, for her to buy her own self a cheesecake slice or three, our vendor always allows us to order a piece. And today, she let us order one for ourselves and our spouses.

So, we didn’t have to decide between Snickers and Reeses Cheesecake. We got both. It was awesome. We ate on those pieces of cheesecake for three days.

Cheesecake heaven

Cheesecake heaven

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