Day 158 – The continuation of Mission Dump Stuff

Day 158 – Thursday, July 3, 2014

A quick acknowledgement of those who read this who might not understand what the writer of this blog is trying to accomplish. Please check the about page. The ‘you’ is my wife. This is intended to be a gift to her on or around our 10th anniversary (which would be next year). I’m not sure why I’m counting days. I think I started on her birthday and am counting up to our anniversary (about a year and 3 1/2 months total). Now back to today’s entry…

I got home from work a little early and you were knee deep in declutter mode. You had completely redone our daughter’s room.

And miraculously, you were able to convince her to throw some stuff away. That is, my darling, no small feat.

So on this particular Thursday, you were rocking the trash bags. You were filling your consignment sale pile. You were, actually, revamping our daughter’s room to make it a whole lot more ‘friend-friendly.’

Thank you, sweet little home manager!


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