Day 147 – Roasted chicken and whine

Day 147 – Sunday June 22 2014

Yes, I spelled that right. I was all whiny.

If I were talking beverages, I would have used beer because I had a couple (only a couple).

More importantly, though? We shared a very awkward high 10 during the World Cup.

The US went up against Portugal. You went absolutely berserk. And we about each other in the face with our horrible celebratory aim.

Portugal later tied up the game and we nearly cried.

Maybe that’s why I was whiny.

Hold on.. no it wasn’t. I spent all this time cooking a chicken – roasting the thing. And I had a brief bout that I didn’t feel appreciated, so I got all blah. Sorry about that.

The chicken was good though:

Whiner Whiner chicken diner

Whiner Whiner chicken diner

Day 140 – Dad is Fat… I mean Father’s Day

Day 140 – June 15th, 2014 (Father’s Day!)

It was Father’s Day and you guys bought me a donut and a cup of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts.

And you got me this book (in addition to some clothes… but most of all, this book):

Dad is Fat (no I'm not.... well yes, I kind of am)

Dad is Fat (no I’m not…. well yes, I kind of am)

He is a funny guy and you know I need to read something a little lighter.

And you know I like books. And I hardly ever get them from anybody.

Thank you!

And the clothes… I always love it when you buy me clothes because that makes me think that you think that I’ll look good in the outfit. That makes me puff up my chest and think I’m a total beefcake. 🙂

Thanks for a fun Father’s Day!

Day 139 – Backyard Visitors

While you got some much needed recuperation rest after your hard week of nursing our little guy back to health, I had this little encounter out of our kitchen window…

2014-06-14 07.38.36 HDR


You gotta love the suburban deer! He/she had his sister/brother and mom was looking on from a few yards away. This little guy/gal was the most adventurous.

Day 138 – Friday the 13th, Strawberry Moons, and Regrouping

Day 138 – Friday, June 13th, 2014

Perhaps it was the fact that this week had a full moon and a Friday the 13th (on the same day – eerie… oooohhhhh), but we were all kinds of out-of-sorts.

One of our texts: We’re eating separately from the kids tonight, right?

The response: YES!

Not that we don’t love the kids, but there are times when we simply have to regroup. When things have been out-of-whack and catawampus and off-kilter.

So far, the whole summer has been that way. First your ankle, then the mystery fever.

And for me, I am addicted to my routines. When I’m having to start a new one (no reason to take our daughter to school so I can go to work early, but then the sickness so I’m coming home and then I’m playing tennis at night sometimes… etc), I feel strange.

So tonight, we regrouped.

In the morning, on the way to Bible Study, I saw the moon. This picture doesn’t really capture it, but that’s okay. It was cool. Trust me.

Strawberry Moons Forever

Strawberry Moons Forever

Day 137 – One of those blah days

Day 137 – Thursday June 12, 2014

It was one of those days.

I was super productive at work. I got here at 6:30 and left to go play tennis at 5:45 (tennis at 6:30).

You, on the other hand, were at home all day dealing with two summer stir-crazy children while one was sick with a nagging fever in the bed.

I know being in all day for a couple days can be gross, especially when it’s forced by sickness.

So… I got home and the mood was a little somber. I ate eggs and we watched Hollywood Game Night.

And then we went to bed.

Our days can’t always be fireworks and unicorns, now, can they?

I did get to have lunch with my dad during his maintenance chemo treatment. Those moments are definitely to be cherished. He ain’t old, but he ain’t young.

They have a good little deli at the treatment place, so I loved my Cuban sandwich (in honor of you, my Cuban honey)

Lunch with Dad

Lunch with Dad

Day 136 – Poor Buddy

day 136 – Wednesday June 11, 2014

The mystery fever began last night.

And this is our fellow today…

2014-06-11 10.30.17

Nothing’s either sadder or cuter and sweeter than a little kid with a small 101 type fever.

Thanks for taking care of my babies, sweetie. You’re a good mom.


Day 135 – Chapter Books

Tuesday, June 10 – Day 135

Well, given the fact that I’m busy and I’ve been playing  a little catch up by memory, I’m confessing that my post yesterday was full of false information.

As I reviewed our texts from the week, I realized that Jake came down with the mystery fever on Tuesday night (tonight).

Today, you guys went to the library and our boys checked out their first chapter books!

And they are reading those dang things fast. And this fall they are going into Kindergarten.

Seriously… your master parenting plan of allowing them to look up Dr. Seuss on Youtube while they followed along in their stacks of Seuss books created little readers out of those guys! Solid work, lady! 🙂

Day 134 – The One Nonsick Day This Week

Day 134 – Monday, June 9 2014

I prefer to write these posts on the day or the day after, but now that I’m backlogged 5 days, I’ll use perspective to discuss this particular Monday.

You finally got over your ankle. And all the kids were healthy.

So y’all hit the pool for like 4 hours.

That night?

Little Jake shows up at our bed with a 102 temperature and he’s been sick since (it’s Friday as I write). All day they’ve been cooped up at the house. Everybody is stir-crazy.

At least you got a day in at the pool….

Day 133 – Do Everything without Complaining…

Day 133 – June 8, Sunday

The banner hung across the church. It was one of the verses our boys learned about during VBS Rock.

This verse should probably be committed to memory by everybody, regardless of what you believe.

Sorry…. I don’t meant to be preaching in a blog post to you, but still… the world would be much better if we could get this one down…

Do everything without complaining or arguing...

Do everything without complaining or arguing…

One exception… you might need to argue your way out of doing something that is actually a dumb thing to do.

Day 131 – Our Daughter, the Poet

Friday, June 6, 2014

We went to our daughter’s writing camp’s reading this morning.

It was sweet.

They used this construction for super short poems.

“A _______________ is a pocket for ____________”

For example, ‘The Sky is a pocket for Stars.”

You, sweet wife, are a pocket for fun.

You are a pocket for safety.

You are a pocket for growth.

You are a pocket for beauty.

You are a pocket for my laughter.

You are a pocket for delicious cooking.

You are a pocket for my children.

You are a pocket for my worries and concerns.

You are a pocket for my future.