Day 147 – Roasted chicken and whine

Day 147 – Sunday June 22 2014

Yes, I spelled that right. I was all whiny.

If I were talking beverages, I would have used beer because I had a couple (only a couple).

More importantly, though? We shared a very awkward high 10 during the World Cup.

The US went up against Portugal. You went absolutely berserk. And we about each other in the face with our horrible celebratory aim.

Portugal later tied up the game and we nearly cried.

Maybe that’s why I was whiny.

Hold on.. no it wasn’t. I spent all this time cooking a chicken – roasting the thing. And I had a brief bout that I didn’t feel appreciated, so I got all blah. Sorry about that.

The chicken was good though:

Whiner Whiner chicken diner

Whiner Whiner chicken diner


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