Day 115 – The Boys’ Preschool Graduation

These guys graduated preschool. They will make brilliant kindergartners!

If any other parents read this, let me make a suggestion that will sound like horrible parenting but worked out okay.

Teaching 3 year olds to read:

  1. Get a pile of Dr. Suess books
  2. Help your child find YouTube (but be in the vicinity because Fox in Sox might return something different than a Dr. Suess reading).
  3. Let the person read to them while they follow along.
  4. Rinse and repeat.
  5. Of course, it probably helped that they are twins and they practically had this as a hobby from end of their 2 year old time into their 3s.

I know you’re sad and a little scared that they will be moving up and will probably be split into separate classes. You’re a good mom. It’s for the best. We’ll pray and pray for them.

the boys' graduation picture


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