Day 112 – The Old and the New

It was my last day with my brother and my dad up in the North Carolina mountains.

I was glad to get back home that afternoon, but it was definitely an interesting couple days.

The old was leaving and the new was coming. We are redoing an ancient bathroom. The Ingles has a Starbucks in it now and the view of the Lake is slowly getting crowded out by over-zealous trees. These trees are way too persistent in their whole growing deal.

But I do think the cabin has plenty of space for more family fun and memories. I know our little ones love it. We had our honeymoon (partially) here. We’ll have more opportunities to eat too much, take walks, get freaked out by a random bug or varmint (come on… it’s in the middle of the woods). We’ll complain about the lack of technology. but we’ll love every minute of it.

SBux in CashiersView of the Lake


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