Day 111 – Saturday in Glenville

We threw this refrigerator away. I believe it’s been at the mountain house since the thing was built back in the late 50s. I almost felt guilty about it.

Antique Fridge in the 'Ville

It might have been fun to fix up and make into a fun little piece of some kind of furniture or display-ish type stuff.

But what do I know? I sell insurance for a living.


Legacy, though, is what I was thinking about. This fridge reaches back to when my grandparents built the cabin. It reminds me of eating watermelon on the porch, playing cards as the sun sets, and taking walks down to the creek that makes it’s way over the rocks and under the washed out bridge that used to link both sides of the mountain that the cabin sits on.

I hope that we can leave little imprints of pleasant memories on our kids and grandkids that will make their way into the world someday.

Day 111 – Saturday May 17, 2014



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