Day 107 – Eye drops and tear drops

Today, it wasn’t about Smarties. It was a more reasonable reason for our child to be a little uptight.

We were scared he had pink eye.

You were. I was up at Starbucks trying to write a speech, so when you called, I wasn’t on my way down to work like normal. I had a coffee and a laptop about 2 miles away.

I turned around because you were needing backup to get eye drops in our poor little guy’s eyes.

So… I slowly convinced him it would be okay. We took saline for contacts and poured them in my eyes to show him it was no big deal. He slowly relented and moved into my lap.

He opened his eyes and I squeezed the little bottle of pink eye eye drops. Alas. It was empty.

You called the doctor who said it was probably just allergy eyes. We all chilled out and I went to work.

No copay. No problem. And our little man? He was super-psyched that nobody would make him put eye drops in his eyes. And he’s usually pretty darn committed to not allowing people to do medicinal, medical, or similar procedures on him.

But it was stressful. Our son cried. You had a struggle and shed a tear. We all were stressed because, well, sometimes even these seemingly small, insignificant things seem to take on more importance than they should. I’m sure other parents experience the same thing. You are a good mom. Just know that.

Kids. 🙂


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