Day 96 – The Tape Measure & Coat Hanger Zip Line

The Roku remote control in the microwave wasn’t enough.

The cheese on the ceiling fan wasn’t enough.

How about a homemade, in-house zip line?


Materials needed: Tape measure, coat hanger, dining room chairs, Elfa bookshelf book end thingie, two twin boys.


1. Hook tape measure on bookshelf book-end thingie.

2. Have twin 2 hold tape measure since apparently the dining room chair wasn’t a good anchor.

3. Hange coat hanger on one end of tape measure (the higher end, obviously).

4. Have Twin 1 stand on chair 1 and hold on to coat hanger.

5. Zip down toward the other chair… obviously.

Call paramedics.

I love ’em.

The ingenuity of twins

The ingenuity of twins

Day 96 – Friday May 2, 2014


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