Day 92 – The Great Tornado Escape

Day 92 – April 28, 2014

So last night we decided that the tornado devastation out west was way too scary to play with. And while we know our meteorologists here in the Atlanta area can be a a little….hyperbolic, it’s better safe than sorry. We drove to my parents’ house because they have a big fancy nice basement to  hole up in just in case the sirens go off.

Plus it was an adventure for the kids. As we rustled them awake the next morning, they were begging to do it again.

What these tornadoes always remind me of is this: We are not in charge. We make decisions. We try to be wise. Ultimately, though, we cannot control so many things. It’s smart to go to a house with a basement. We have too many tall trees bending over our house and we’re up on a hill with no real place to go to be safe.

We do what we can, but things happen. God allows what God allows. The world spins and sometimes I fear my theology is just useless, but I cling to the goodness of God anyway. I cling whether I feel it warranted or not because I’m dumb enough to hate any of the alternatives.

I didn’t mean to go there. I just meant to say that we can’t control all things. We can’t stop the truck from coming the wrong way down the road. We can’t stop a tree from falling.We can’t control so many things.

So while we have time? Well, let’s freaking live our guts out. Let’s love each other and our kids as hard as we possibly can. Let’s have a blast. Let’s try new things. Let me call potential clients that, frankly, I’m scared I’m not good enough for. Who freaking cares?

Let’s do this thing!!!!


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