Day 87 – Trying to Explain Angry Jesus

And I’m staying true to that commitment. I need to keep a journal nearby, though, so I can actually remember something if I don’t write that day.  Luckily, something just popped to mind.

Wednesday I had a client appointment way out in a far-reaching suburb and didn’t get back home until like 6:46 and went and watched The Jesus Movie with the kids.

I came in when He was coming into Jerusalem and soon after got all WWE on the moneychangers and merchants in the temple.

The semi-frustrated Jesus didn’t compute with the Jesus my children knew from Sunday School.

After all, the biggest sign of righteousness in a kid is not making a mess, so Jesus turning over tables and setting lambs free from their pens seemed a bit unrighteous to our little ones.

I explained as best as I could. Hopefully they got it. And hopefully, if they see any tables of people selling goods at our church, they won’t come through and turn them all upside down.



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