Day 83 – McDonalds Play Areas, Germs, and Baths (and date night)

This entry might seem like an off-handed compliment to you. Or a fake appreciation.

But it’s genuine.

Our daughter had a birthday party where siblings were invited. That said, when we showed up, it felt awkward, so I left with the boys (who were super sad because they had already spied the goody bag party favors).

It was a Disney themed party and all the girls were dressed as their favorite princesses. Our boys looked vaguely like 5 year old sloppy frat boys, hence, my decision to jet.

I called you and asked what we should do and hinted I might take them to McDonald’s for lunch and to play.  I did this knowing full well your hatred for those little play areas at McDonald’s. You basically seem them as petri dishes of childhood diseases like gross head colds and tummy bugs.

I went anyway and as soon as we were done, I drove straight home and gave them baths before we went to pick up our daughter.

On our way, you called me. I told you that I’d given them baths as soon as I could. You were so very surprised that I did that… and you felt bad that I did it… like you were kind of sad that your freaking out about the play areas caused me to take an extra step (and to give baths which you know I hate to do).

Getting to the point: It was sweet of you to be surprised that I’d do it and to appreciate it so much. I don’t know why it meant something to me, but it did. Most people would assume that I might be offended that my act of cleanliness would catch you so off guard.  Who knows. It was sweet. 🙂

I love you – germaphobia and all.



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