Day 67 – What Made You Laugh (The Middle’s Brick)

Mike coaches Sue in soccer.

Brick stinks of B.O. (Frankie’s line regarding the stench, “It’s somewhere between baby spit-up and rotting animal flesh”)

The Brick stinks because he completely unloads full bottles of cologne and deodorant and so forth all over himself.

Axl finally figures out that Cassidy’s painting was telling him that they were growing apart and breaking up.

Quite frankly, we watched this last Thursday (on day 67). Today is the Monday (I have a hard time doing the addition in my head, but around day 71) after that.

A lot has happened in the days between. But I’ll leave those items to the day they happened.

It was fun watching this episode with you. As per usual, your laugh was sweet and big all at the same time.

Hulu and Youtube don’t have clips or I’d post it here.


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