Day 64 – Finally. It’s Over #HIMYM

Yesterday we watched the Season Finale for The Walking Dead.

Tonight, it was the Series Finally for How I Met Your Mother.

To be honest, you and I have been wanting this to freaking end for the past 3 seasons, but we’ve  held on and watched every episode (Perhaps this is why any of my business ideas don’t get done :-)).

Anyway, as expected, Ted ended up with Robin (after the woman who was the mother bore two kids for him and then died an untimely death from some kind of cancer or something – though they never say).

It was a strange message, but in the end, it was sweet enough. You and I were both zoning in and out, but hey… what’s interesting is that it was a 9 year run so it basically started when you and I got married (our 9th anniversary is coming this May 14th).

So it’s walked with us through a lot of highs and lows. It’s actually kind of crazy.

So here’s to the legend…(wait for it)…ary show with Ted and Barney and Robin and Marshall and Lily.

More than that, may we grow and become more legendary we get older and add more memories to our lives.


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