Day 63 – Terminus

Season 4 of The Walking Dead ended on Day 63 and so does our cable subscription.

We’ll hibernate with the locals only for a few months – both to decrease distraction and to save a few pennies.

So… Terminus.

We both enjoyed the episode when the gang semi-reunited in a train car/box (the correct term is eluding me at the moment).

The second half of the season has been taken up with all kinds of back story information. Some of the episodes have been pretty powerful (Carol’s “Just look at the flowers” stands out as does the Daryl and Beth cash for pyrotechnics moment), but many were a little plodding.

You, ever the fan, though, said, “We just had to get to know the people a little better, so I’ve loved it!”

I wish they’d gotten to Terminus earlier in the season and got to work with whatever strange madness this place has going on. But that didn’t happen.

One thing that did happen (in this episode) is that Rick went from being a little low-key to alpha male. Wow. He feasted on some dude’s neck (bit the jugular since Rick had no other option and was protecting the people with him) and carved up some other guy who was attacking his son. Both moments were intense. Way too intense. I was shielding my eyes like a little girl.

All in all… it’s bee a fun season and I love that you like the show (for some reason). It’s a little different than your normal viewing. And I’m glad.

I know this isn’t a very lovey-dovey entry, but it is something we enjoy doing together so there. šŸ™‚



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