Day 60 – Because You’re Telling Me to Stop

I’ve been absolutely stressed as of late. I wear too many hats at my current job. I have 3  or 4 side gigs going on. I’m trying to keep up, but I’m getting ornery.

You told me that something needs to stop. I need to not keep adding to my plate in order to prove that I’m worth something at work or otherwise.

You said, “You can’t sustain what you’re doing and you shouldn’t have to keep adding stuff in order to try to force a raise. It won’t work. You’ll do too much and won’t be able to do it well.”

I needed to hear it. So thank you. I love you for telling me to shed some baggage.

Now I’m not sure what to shed – I wish you had the crystal ball to tell me that, but either way, thank you for forcing it.

Let’s see if I listen.

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