Day 49 – Too Much Tablet. Seriously. #ParentFail

Honey… while you were gone on the campout with our daughter? All Sunday? You know what happened at our house?

I did laundry and let our boys completely vegetate out on their Nooks. I’m a horrible dad. Seriously. I need a training course or to read a book or to grow a pair and simply turn off the electronics.

Actually, that last option seems like the best option. Just make them turn them off. They’ll figure out something to do. If I don’t make them turn them off, then, eventually, they won’t know how to figure out how to do other stuff.

But at least I got all the laundry done and had the house nice and clean for you and our little girl when you got back from a camping trip which, apparently, was a continuous loop of Let it Go from Frozen. 

Speaking of Frozen, it just came in the mail. Do you know how excited I am! 🙂 (I seriously am).


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