Day 48 – Campouts and Nutribullets

You took our daughter camping (or cabin-ing) with her Girl Scout Troop.

The boys and I sorely missed you! They asked me about every 23 minutes when you were coming home. It’s like they were asking ‘Are we there yet?’ on a trip to Disney World.

But we made it through, even though my coffee maker died (RIP Herr Krups).  I dropped them off at an all girl birthday party (since it was our friends) at a place called Farmhouse in the City.  The boys were quick to point out when I picked them up that it wasn’t a real farm. No horses. No cows. No pigs. No farm.

That said, it was a cute place. Definitely better for the young girl set, I think.

On other notes, I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond during the party to look for a new coffee maker. I came home with a Nutribullet – because what we need right now is to spend $1,000s on fruit and veggies so we can eek out a few smoothies. Perhaps all my ailments will leave me, so it’ll be worth it for sure.

I loved getting those pictures from you while you were bonding with our daughter.  So cute around the fire and in front of the cabin. I love my little ladies!

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