Day 45 – 6 Reasons I Love Girls Night Out (Although I’m a Dude)

On Day 45 of the Falling In Love (Deeper) Project, you had Girls Night Out with your buddies.

I had the good fortune to help get our children to bed and eat a crockpot chicken taco meal by myself while I watched some sitcom you don’t care anything about.

After those two things, I spent tons of time on Pinterest. Strange, right? A dude hanging out on Pinterest while his wife is out with the ladies? Shouldn’t I be setting up my fantasy baseball team or gearing up for my March Madness bracket? But alas, I’ve got a new gig directing social media for a food ecommerce site, so it goes with the territory.

Back to the title of this post: Why I Love Girls Night Out…

  1. I get to hang with the children by myself. Sure, it’s later and they’re about to go to bed, but it’s kind of fun being the main person tucking them all in.
  2. I get to watch a DVR’d show that you don’t like without sending you to a different room.
  3. I get to work on my new side job without interfering with our alone time.
  4. I’m starting to love Pinterest. Don’t judge. It’s not just about weddings, cupcakes, and new shoe trends. Seriously. Please don’t judge.
  5. You normally come home refreshed and with a lighter step after getting to decompress with your friends.
  6. You also (Pro Tip for Guys) come home a little more geared toward, well, marital intimacy. 🙂 I don’t know if it’s because you’re more relaxed or feeling gratitude or had a glass of wine. Regardless, much appreciation, ma’am.

There you have it.

That said, one of the husbands texted me and asked me what it would take for us to get a Girls Night Out. I suggested we’d need to find at least a third person and give you and his wife about a 5 week lead time. 🙂


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