Day 38 – Lent is Not the Stuff in Your Bellybutton

What does this topic have to do with my Falling in Love Project?

First, you and I would probably laugh during a discussion of bellybuttons and lint.

Second, Lent is something you and I have been doing for a few years now. This year, I’m focusing on making wise food and time choices. This will include no liquor and beer, although I might imbibe in a spot of wine here and there.

It will also include avoiding sweets except for our daughter’s birthday on 3/28. Cake will be eaten on that day.d

I will also be putting on hold my Netflix addictions to get some actual work done at night because, well, I’m taking on some outside consulting gigs and those happen much more efficiently when I’m not glued to Psych or Covert Affairs or some other nonsense.

Finally, given the things I’ve listed, maybe it’s a surprise that I am trying to be a man who leads the family spiritually. What choices can I make that will help me do that best in a way that honors God, you, our children, and others?

That’s my hope for Lent (or those are my hopes). It’s about clearing clutter and diving in.

It’s a spiritual act, but I know it helps in all areas.

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