Day 36 – Will Reedus Beat Out Timberlake?

We caught up on The Walking Dead tonight.


It was the Daryl Dixon back story episode, complete with throwing darts at the pictures of the cronies at the country club and burning down a house that reminded him of his childhood home (using moonshine and a flaming stack of $20s to set the blaze).

I bring this up only because Dixon is one of the loves of your life…

Here’s the other (besides me of course, not because I’m better looking or more talented than these guys. It’s more about my winning personality)…


I’m by no means intimidated by the rugged Norman Reedus or the funny and musical Timberlake.

I just consider that you have good taste; consequently, you picked my sorry butt. 🙂

I love you…

By the way… if you had to choose one of these dudes, who would win?



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