Day 34 – I Love the $20 Chiropractor

First of all, he only costs $20.

Second of all, he helped you with the pinched nerve in your neck.

Third, he only costs $20.

Fourth, he was willing to see you twice on your first day ($20 total, not $40) and got you on a small road back to not being completely miserable.

Fifth, I got to hang in the car with the children while we waited.

Sixth, we got to go eat fast food for lunch because it just seemed like the right thing to do.

Are we getting older? You were just rinsing your hair out in the shower and all the sudden the trajectory of the weekend shifted from a pleasant fajita night to grill cheese night and sleeplessness.

I know it’s no fun, but at least you found a chiropractor that you like. Did I mention he only costs $20?


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