Day 32 – The Fajita Meat Conundrum

I suppose it’s less a conundrum and more of a difference in opinion in thawing methods. At the tail end of Day 32 (which translates to 2/27/14), you put fajita meat out so we could have a nice Friday night dinner of fajitas and margaritas.

I made the executive decision to allow the meat to stay on the counter all night long because my experience has been that it ends up never fully thawed when we leave it in the fridge and the marinade doesn’t have as  much opportunity to dig into the meat.

Well… I got the text (of course, I put the meat back in the fridge at 5:15 when I came downstairs the morning of Day 33).

The Text Exchange

You: Did you leave the meat out all night?

Me: Yes (if this were a screenplay, the word ‘sheepishly’ would have been in parentheses or italics next to my ‘yes’)

You: Andrew!!!!!!!

You: That’s why I want to put in fridge! Ugh

Me: Does it smell?

Me: I’ll buy another thing and bring it  home before I go to work. I’ll cook and eat the one from last night. Don’t hate me because I have different thaw methods. It was so hard and frozen. It was still cold this morning. But I know your mind goes places [the many food borne illnesses possible from rancid meat]. I’ll be there in a few. You are a very beautiful woman. 🙂

End Scene….

Well… You texted me and told me to go to work… that you’d go to the store and get the meat.

Sorry, sweetie. But, strangely, unless you’re madder than you seem, I love these little moments. Of course, I never want to waste fajita meat, but in the end, this is the fun stuff of marriage, right?

Can’t wait to have fajitas later… on Day 33, which is today. By the way, it’s nearly impossible for me to write every single day on the day. Sometimes, I have to reflect a little or it’s a weekend and we’re together the whole time. I’ll probably write Day 33 before I leave from work today.

You are awesome. Just so you know.


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