Day 31 – One Month Down… Lifetime to Go

This is about as consistently as I’ve ever done anything in my life.

But this blog is supposed to be about you and not how awesome I am about keeping the blog. 🙂

It’s one month out of many that went before it and many, many more that will come after it.

My weird version of midlife crisis is going on around right now. I’m realizing how precious moments are. Each day comes, goes, and never comes back again. We either build a little something with that day or we tear something down a little bit.  I don’t think we get too many ‘things stayed the same completely’ days.

I pray, truly pray, that we have more ‘build a little something’ days vs. ‘tear things down’ days. I pray God helps me see what it takes to build something with you. To help me know the ways I should treat you and the ways I should love you and the ways we should challenge and stretch each other.

Our jobs are not to make all things easy. I need you to push me while you love me. I need to learn how to love you and encourage you to do the things in  your heart.

I love you, happy 1 month of The Falling in Love Project!


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