Day 27 – The Back Float Project

On Day 27, I took our daughter to  gymnastics and then to practice her back float.

We’re in process of teaching her how to do the back float so she can move up in her swimming lessons.

She struggles with lying on her back and relaxing and allowing the water to hold her up.

I struggled with putting into words the right way for her to do it. But she kind of did it. Hopefully, it’ll be enough for them to move her along.

But there was a lesson – a small one. The back float is about lying on something that doesn’t seem like it can support you. You lay there and trust this liquid to keep your body up. You have to relax in order to allow the water to do the work.

You know that I try to live a life of faith. I believe in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Bible and in prayer.

But the most difficult thing to trust God with has been our marriage and our roles as parents. I want to help Him out in areas that aren’t my responsibility. I’m like our daughter and tense up in some strange effort to help the water. It’s not intentional. It’s not on purpose. I can’t help it at times.

That said, I’m not always sure what ‘trusting God in marriage and parenting’ always looks like, but perhaps it is leaving your heart, primarily, in the hands and care of God. Trusting God means I pray for you. It means I’m honest with you. It means I share my struggles, fears, joys, and victories with you, even if, at times, you’re not sure what to do with them all.

You are my partner. You are who God put me with. I need to just float on the water of His grace and mercy and sovereignty.


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