Day 18 – Happy Valentine’s Day and 10 Things I Love About You

I just opened my email at work and Michael Hyatt’s blog post ‘What Do You Love Most About Your Spouse?’ was waiting for me.

Challenge accepted Mr. Hyatt.

10 Things I Love About  You, Mrs. Tina (My Lovely Bride)

  1. Your Laugh: When you laugh, it is the sweetest sound on earth. It’s big yet sweet. It’s sometimes uncontrollable. It sometimes is the result of one of my dumb statements, thereby encouraging me and making me think my nominal sense of humor is much more awesome than it really is.
  2. Your Pout: Sometimes I act like it annoys me, but in truth, it makes me feel needed.
  3. Your Skills as a Mom: You are an amazing mom. I love how you create moments for our children. I love how you keep them safe and that you look after their hearts.
  4. Your Discipline About Working Out: The fact that you made us workout during the recent snowjam was a pretty impressive show of discipline. The fact that you did a workout yourself the next day actually humbled me. I felt bad I whined so much the day before.
  5. Your Heart for Others: You’re always pointing out situations where people are suffering. You’ve helped me be a little better (although I still suck) at remembering to check in with people who are going through tough times or having surgeries or are sick or whatever.
  6. You Are Very Pretty: You are a beautiful woman. Period. No matter what you think, I know you’re beautiful.
  7. You Encourage Health: We struggle a bit with this, but you always point us in the right direction. Thank you for leading us in this because I, too, want to be around to see my future grandchildren.
  8. You Are a Good Cuddle: There’s almost nothing sweeter than sitting on the couch with you and watching a show or chatting… or that moment right before going to bed when we snuggle for a second before I move over so you can sleep without my snoring in your ear.
  9. You Are Patient and Kind: You put up with some of my snarky remarks and handle my quirks well. Sorry about those quirks and snarky remarks, by the way.
  10. You Are My Partner: This reason sounds funny, but it’s one of my favorite. You are my partner. You are my best friend. I need you. I want to get better at loving and caring for you. You truly make me want to up my game in every area, from my health and career, to my spiritual life and skill at being a dad. Thank you.


Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetie!


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