Day 13 – Catch Air, a Birthday Party, and The Walking Dead

On Day 13, we were hitting on all cylinders.

We were a well-oiled, logistics team. We got our daughter to church and back home (due to what seems like a migraine of sorts). You got the boys to church (you were on your way while I was coming back home) so you could volunteer.

I played nurse for our girl. Then I got her to the birthday party, and then to Catch Air where I met you with our boys.

We endured the bounce houses and internal sibling conflicts of boys who want to play with their sister who wants to avoid them and play with her friend.

To top the night off (after I very adeptly got the boys bathed and in pajamas and you got them all to bed), I cooked up some chicken and we watched the second half season premiere of The Walking Dead.

It was a very fun day with you. And a normal day. A fun, normal day. I love those.


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