Merry Late Christmas and Happy New Year!

I took last week off so I didn’t have time to put an entry in this little blog project for you.

We had a wonderful little time. Our boys got their ice cream maker and our girl got her acoustic guitar.

I got a few pieces of new clothing and you commented how nice my butt looked in the new jeans. Thanks for that!

It was a little stressful for some reason, and I don’t think either one of us felt at the top of our game as far as making Christmas ‘magical’–whatever that means. But we also didn’t feel overly pressured to do so.

It was simple. And it was nice.

So today, two days before the start of 2014, I want to tell you that I love you. In my mind, we had a great year. There’s always room for improvement. We can do better and be more disciplined financially. You and I could probably do better with spending face to face time over meals or on date nights. We need to work on that.

I need to improve as the spiritual leader of home. These are things for me to work on.

All of that said, I look forward to 2014 with you. We have no major crises looming (as far as I know). We have some home projects and growing children and forward movement we have to make in our marriage.

I’m praying for you, for us, and for our family. I love you and wish you a Happy New Year!


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