Three Hours Counseling Our Daughter

It has started.

She’s only in the first grade, and it’s started.

The stress of not wanting to upset the girl who seems to have all the power while not wanting to neglect all her other friends. She’s already felt the pressure to please the one and the guilt of disappointing the other.

Then she made the promise – the promise to be right next to the girl who seems to have the power. I know she doesn’t really have the power and probably has absolutely no malice or anything else. They are all just figuring it out.

But our daughter spent literally an hour and a half crying yesterday worried about the promise she made and the pressure she feels and the choices she made and her best friend who she didn’t sit next to in the carpool room because of her inner conflict.

I know this situation pales in comparison to some of the stuff she and our boys will deal with later, but we best put on our big boy and big girl pants because something tells me it won’t get any easier.

But we’re in this together, right? Let’s do this thing.



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